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  • Connie Keil Passes
  •  Tue, Jun 20 2017
    Connie Keil Passes

    Hi, guys:

    As many of you already know, our fellow barbershopper, Tucson chapter member, coach, and mentor, Conrad (Connie) Keil, passed away Tuesday, May 30. He had been struggling with cardiac issues and advanced dementia. His wife, Kathy, and I have been trying to reach each other to talk (I've been out of town), and I may be able to give you more information after I've spoken with her. Keith Brunson (of Sonoran Sound) stopped by the house and visited with her recently, and much of what I know is through him.

    There have beem some requests for information about funeral, visitation, possibly singing, etc. I can tell you that Connie will not have a traditional funeral or visitation. Kathy is possibly planning some sort of memorial "celebration of life" later in the summer, perhaps August. Plans are sketchy, but right now it looks as though it will be a small gathering with a few friends and may or may not involve planned singing. I'll be able to tell you more later.

    Connie was a 50-year barbershopper, singer in more quartets than anyone knows, a director of several choruses (he directed Houston Tidelanders to an Internation silver medal). He also was a respected Presentation judge and coach to many choruses and quartets. He was a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society's Board of Directors and the Southwest District Hall of Fame. I had the privilege of sininging with him in the Sonoran Sound Quartet for 12 years and benefited immensely from his creativity, experience, and understanding of performance. He taught me much. But more than that, he was a wonderful friend and, simply, one of the best people I've known. I feel an immense sense of sadness and loss this week. On Sunday, April 23, Sonoran Sound (with Paul Kriegshauser ably filling in on tenor) sang for Connie at his home. Thanks to Kathy for making that happen. We sang for over an hour. Connie listened with obvious delight and was able to sing along with us a bit. It will be one of my enduring barbershop memories.

    For now, let's remember Connie in our thoughts and prayers, Later, we may be able to pay our respects in some more formal way,

    Gil Storms

    Connie's grandson Christian's, Facebook page contains condolences and reminiscenses of Connie.
  • Danny Ryan Returns as Music Director
  •  Mon, May 22 2017

    **Danny Ryan Returns As Music Director**

    The Tucson Barbershop eXperience is fortunate to have Danny back as our Music Director after a 4 month absence. Danny's career and family situation has allowed him to return to providing the chorus with his expertise and direction starting on June 5, 2017.

    Welcome back, Danny!

  • 2017 Youth In Harmony Festival
  •  Mon, May 15 2017


    • What? An all-day clinic. Learn three songs in the barbershop style. Perform for family and friends at a free concert.
    • Why? Introduce young singers to an authentic American musical art form in four part a cappella harmony, reinforce good vocal skills, and sing with other young men and women in a healthy social setting. HAVE FUN!!!
    • Who for? Male and female singers from all high schools, home schools, colleges and universities in the greater Tucson Area and Southern Arizona. Current students and recent graduates are welcome.
    • Who by?
      • Clinician: Doug Carnes
      • Clinician: Anna Lisa Glad
      • Sponsor: Tucson Sunshine Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society
      • Sponsor: Tucson Desert Harmony Chorus, Sweet Adelines, Inc.
    • When? Saturday, September 16, 2017, starting at 8:00am. Ending with a free performance for family and friends at 5:00pm.
    • Where? Sahuaro High School, 545 N. Camino Seco, Tucson, AZ 85710
    • How much? $15 registration fee. Includes sheet music, lunch, snacks, sodas, water, and a commemorative Tee shirt for the performance
    • Details
      • Be able to reproduce pitch
      • Sight reading not mandatory
      • High School students must be sponsored by a music educator (unless over 18 yrs old)
      • Schools must designate an adult chaperone to accompany its students (unless over 18 yrs old)
      • Music educators welcome (with or without students)
    • How to apply?
      • Fill out / sign / send in attached Application Form.
      • Fill out / sign/ send in attached Parental Permission Form.
      • Enclose check or money order.
      • Applications due no later than September 10th.
    • Why not? No reason not to. We’ll have a ball! Sing, lock and ring those chords! Meet fellow singers from all over southern Arizona. Amaze and entertain your friends, parents, everybody at the free performance! FUN!!!
    • Questions? Contact Ron Hayes, coordinator:
    • (520)887-3823 (home), (520)400-5648 (cell)
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