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A Touch of Grey

A Touch of Grey
A Touch of Grey members...
Lead:Jim Hart
Bass:Ken Sylvia
Baritone:Gil Storms
Tenor:Donald Lightfoot
General public contact: Ken Sylvia

State: AZ

Matinee Idles

Matinee Idles
Matinee Idles members...
Lead:Bob Topp
Bass:Ed Johnson
Tenor:Tom McGorray
General public contact: Tom McGorray

State: AZ



DayBreak is an accomplished 4 part a capella quartet that sings in the "barbershop style". With
Steve Chrisman as bass, Lucas Snyder as baritone, Mike Vo as the lead and Wes Krause as tenor the four are an integral part of the TBX chorus. If you would like to see DayBreak singing at your next event or get together please call Wes Krause at 520-664-7231 or reach him by email at medrunner1@gmail.com.
DayBreak members...
Lead:Mike Vo
Baritone:Lucas Snyder
Tenor:Wes Krause
General public contact: 520-664-7231
State: AZ

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